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Commits should be atomic.

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This ensures that you see the complete history of your repository in order to decide which branch you want to merge.
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Git amend allows adjusting the last commit. At a single time, there may be many developers who are working on a variety of different problems. In this lesson we will learn how to fork, clone, and submit pull requests. Groups of project you cloning and not already familiar with significant to a remote!
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This enables fast and you pull request without cloning an old school to a local branches makes a small. This prevents potentially exposing the private code of the forked project.
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Just sharing my article for posterity. In both cases, EGit will automatically create a patch you may attach to a bug or store on disk. Navigate to the directory you hope to put the repository files into. This will cause conflicts if you try to merge later.
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Once the project is all fired up in your local work environment, the first thing to do is create a brand new branch for your brand new code.
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For example, you can reorder commits with the arrow buttons and select the rebase action you want to apply to the commit.

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