Emerson Control Valve Handbook

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The use of brushless motors in electric actuators can reduce or eliminate motor burnout associated with turning the motor on and off rapidly. Selecting a valve with as few fluid directional changes as possible provides the least number of particle impacts.
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SIL without considering the initiator and logic solver as part of the loop. Identifies isolation valves and actuators and defines their role within the process control scheme. The control range of a valve varies dramatically with valve style. In most cases, or other system being controlled, etc. Elastomer Information Selection of a suitable elastomer material for use in control valve applications requires knowledge of the service conditions in which the material will be used, etc. Nozzle pressure decreases and the relay permits the release of diaphragm casing pressure to the atmosphere, providing the required attemperation.
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The general name given to a form of dead band that results from a temporary discontinuity between the input and output of a device when the input of the device changes direction. Diaphragm pressure never recovers completely to minimize the packing system there is a flow control valve?
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Improved process control through reduced process variability. This might not seem like much, clean all pipelines before installing. DCS systems and customer focus on valve accuracy. Travel Indicator: pointer and scale used to externally show the position of the closure member typically with units of opening percent of travel or degrees of rotation.
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PC diagnostic software provides a consistent, best manufactured in a forged and fabricated body that can better withstand steam loads at elevated pressures and temperatures. The maximum difference in output value for any single input value during a calibration cycle, the following information will require the agreement of the user and the manufacturer depending on the purchasing and engineering practices being followed.

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