Old Testament Fertility Root

He took a woman out of his body.

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Examination of noah and old testament

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God of fertility or blessing, while the passages we looked at earlier would not seem to be discussing a God of retribution and judgment.
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Likewise, when the nation of Israel was held captive in Babylon, they found themselves powerless and disenfranchised. Lord Jesus, crucified and risen, was not theory or empty words but a witness from their own experience. Ugarit and was regarded as a divine craftsman.
See William Robertson Nicol, ed.
This relationship with God is not an adjunct, a secondary or transitory element added to human existence, but constitutes its permanent and irreplaceable foundation.
Forrest GC, et al.
In the absence of a modern scientific understanding of reproductive biology, people who experienced infertility in biblical times were left to intuit a divine lack of attention, a curse, or a punishment that could only be reversed through fervent prayer.

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