Brief Pain Inventory Questionnaire Short Form

Williams VS, Smith MY, Fehnel SE.

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Int J Nurs Stud.
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Bennett MI, Attal N, Backonja MM, Baron R, Bouhassira D, et al. Deyo RA, Battie M, Beurskens AJ, Bombardier C, Croft P, Koes B et al. Anderson cancer pain: brief pain questionnaire should complete all? Highest correlation coefficients are in bold face. Riley JL, III, Zawacki TM, Robinson ME, Geisser ME.
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Pain, disability, and physical functioning in subgroups of patients with fibromyalgia.
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SR may provide more comprehensive assessment of pain behaviors. Gauthier LR, Young A, Dworkin RH, Rodin G, Zimmermann C, Warr D, et al. Paice JA, Cohen FL.

The idea of perceiving pain as an emotion is not new. Maps Lien Dementia Rating Scale: Professional Manuel.

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