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What happens when you BCC someone?

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1 attention line 2 subject line 3 enclosure notation 4 cc notation 5 bcc notation 6 postscripts 7 mailing notation.
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BizWritingTip response Although the notation in emails is Cc this is considered outdated in business letters The term cc was originally used. Why do you cc someone in a letter?
It indicates who is receiving carbon copies or photocopies cc or pc.
CHAPTER IV SECRETARIAL CORRESPONDENCE 4-1. Other type of CC notation is to type bcc only on the copy not on the original letter as bcc. Business Letter is a letter written in formal language usually used when.
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What Do CC and BCC Mean in Emails Campaign Monitor. Using the Blind Carbon Copy BCC Feature in Email Information. The old-fashioned personal business letterwritten on pristine high-quality paper.

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